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What is a Residential Design Guide?

More so than ever before, and now with strong government support, inappropriate designs that require planning permission can have that permission refused. So the Residential Design Guide will help those proposing to build houses – be that 1 or 20* – to know what standard of design is or is not likely to be supported by the Forest of Dean District Council. (*And extensions or alterations that require permission.)


The Government explains that Local Design Guides:

"are an important way of communicating local design expectations and requirements...

Good local design guides are concise, positive documents which are accessible and use tools such as illustrations and checklists to highlight key design issues and possible solutions. They are most effective when used alongside other relevant design tools to assess the design quality of proposed schemes."

Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (2019)

Your District has a Residential Design Guide (click here to take a look) but it is now due an update. Any standards for new development now come with government clout. The current Guide includes diagrams such as those which show details of typical Forest houses.

But the diagrams are probably not typical of your place or the next door place; that can vary and that is why we need you to help us pick up genuinely local character. The more local the information the more difficult it is for ‘anywhere’ design to sneak through and, providing applicants what the local information helps them to do a better job. We need to hear about what you value. Please click below to get involved and fill in the short survey and share your photos.

Typical Building Forms  image from the FODDC Residential Design Guide

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Houses in a rural setting

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buildings of various ages along a road
houses on a wooded slope
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