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What you told us in the first stage of consultation...

Between May and September 2022, the first stage of consultation on updating the Residential Design Guide gave people who live and work in the Forest of Dean a variety of ways to get involve.

We asked people to rank the sort of things that are generally thought to make for good new housing. Many people highlighted the importance of the ‘low-impact’ / self-building tradition of the Forest of Dean and drew connections between this and the need to ensure that new buildings are climate responsive in terms of design / orientation, construction and access to renewable energy. It was also clear that individuality and variety of building styles utilising local building materials had clear and strong support and frequent mentions of the frustration at estates of “anywhere” housing.

From this first stage of consultation, there is now enough really useful information for the officer team to start producing a first draft of key parts of the revised Guide and to suggest its overall future structure.

The first draft will need to take account of key points from the consultation, and good features from the previous Guide, including baseline analysis about the characteristics of the various places in the Forest of Dean District.

You can find out more about the stage 1 feedback by reading the overall summary of the consultation we've put together which you can download below.

RDG Stage 1 Summary Report FV
Download PDF • 3.34MB

Also available are more detailed reports from each event we held. Below you can download detailed from the three main elements of this first stage consultation.

Community Tours Report for participants v2 FODDC Residential Design Guide Update
Download PDF • 1.27MB

Survey Results 8.9.22
Download PDF • 2.01MB

Report from Professionals workshop - FODDC Residential Design Guide Update Consultation
Download P • 250KB

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