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"as well as looking at tradition, we need to look forward"

We've been getting some really interesting feedback and photos from people who live and work in the Forest of Dean via our website and survey. It's clear that people really value the places they live and have highlighted how important it is that innovation in design and adaptation, particularly when it comes to issues like climate change, are incorporated into new homes as well as conversions of existing homes. Quotes so far from the launch survey include:

"can't we look forward and have affordable homes with new cutting edge design that has never been seen before. Let the Forest be a beacon of eco- design. Use locally sourced  timber as cladding."

"Green space improves health and mental well being. The Forest is so fortunate in this respect."

"Views very important, - there is some stunning scenery in the forest which shouldn't be lost through housing."

"....we are also fortunate to be on the border of ancient woodland which is the perfect place to go walking and see wildlife like deer, wild boar etc."

We've also had a range of photos shared with us including this great shot of Coleford from local photographer Scott Walker showing homes and local landmarks with varied roof forms and heights as they follow the topography with trees forming a backdrop.

To date, we've had

  • around 440 visitors to our website - the average amount of time spent on the site was 5 minutes.

  • over 85 responses to our survey so far

  • an interesting range of photos submitted

We've extended the end of the survey now to 21st July (click here for the very short 2 minute survey if you haven't already taken it) and we are hoping for even more great feedback to be submitted as we hold a few events as part of our consultation:

  • 3D design session with 6th formers at Dene Magna School in Cinderford

  • two tours of recent developments with parish and town councillors as well as interested members of the public

  • A professionals workshop

After the 21st July, stage one of the overall process of consultation feeding in the update of the Forest of Dean Residential Design Guide will be over. More on the overall process can be seen by clicking here.

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