Overall Process

Stage 1 - Spring / Summer 2022

1A. Getting community views

  • Residents filling in our quick survey and also sharing photos.

  • Two or three coach tours for local people around the district to look at and comment on recent housing developments.

We are also hoping to run something for secondary school students – the all-important next generation.


1B. Getting professional views

As soon as some community information comes in, we will run a session or two (coach tour plus workshop) with planners, agents, developers and others.


Stage 2 - Autumn / Winter 2022

This will bring together community views and professional views, probably in one or more workshops.


The aim will be to agree what the updated Residential Design Guide should cover, how much detail it should (and maybe shouldn’t) go into and how it will be used by developers, the District Council …. and communities.


Stage 3 - 2023

Now things will go quiet for a while (which it could be several months) as planning officers produce a  ‘Consultation Draft’  version of the Residential Design Guide.


An invitation for comments will be sent out to anybody and everybody, especially all those who will have contributed to date or just signed up to a mailing list.


Stage 4 

Officers will pick up and address all the comments made on the Consultation Draft and the final version will go to the Cabinet and Full Council to get it formally ‘adopted’.

Overall process diagram2.png

The consultation for the Residential Design Guide is being conducted by Forest of Dean District Council Planning Team with support from consultants Place Studio, a planning and design consultancy that places community engagement at the heart of built environment projects.