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Overall Process

Stage 1 is now complete - results can be seen by clicking here. There is now enough really useful information for the officer team to start producing a first draft of key parts of the revised Guide and to suggest its overall future structure. 

The first draft will need to take account of key points from the consultation as above, and good features from the previous Guide, including baseline analysis about the characteristics of the various places in the Forest of Dean District. 

The Guide will very much reflect our distinctive and varied local character but will also broadly reflect the latest national government guidance on good design - the National Design Guide, and on the process of preparing design guides / codes and policies to promote successful design as set out in the National Model Design Code (NMDC), this will include: 

  • Community and professional engagement at all stages of preparation – exactly what has now been started! 

  • A Vision for high quality design – the key points in this report provide very good foundations for this.

  • Sensitivity to local character – this comes through extremely strongly from the consultation to date.

  • Attention to aspects of greening and to climate change – raised very regularly by respondents so far.

  • Design guidance related to different parts of the district – that will build on an updated analysis of different areas as in the earlier Guide.

  • Guidance related to design processes and specific local context such as barn conversions – raised by professionals 


So, stage 2 will be: 

  • Drafting of a Vision for the Guide, with key principles and an initial ‘contents list’ (with explanations) for the first full version. 

  • Sharing this draft with, and seeking comments on it from the wider community through the website and other routes. 

  • Bringing together community representatives, industry professionals, officers and councillors to discuss the first draft, also using feedback from earlier stages. 

Overall process diagram3.png

The consultation for the Residential Design Guide is being conducted by Forest of Dean District Council Planning Team with support from consultants Place Studio, a planning and design consultancy that places community engagement at the heart of built environment projects.

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