Help update the Forest of Dean Residential Design Guide

Nearly 25 years ago Forest of Dean District Council produced a Residential Design Guide. The Design Guide informs how to design new buildings and extensions that are 'distinctively' of the Forest rather than ‘anywhere’ design.


In the last few years, the importance of design is once again being recognised, and there have been a number of national policy updates and initiatives to raise housing design standards. This sets the context for an update of the District Council’s Residential Design Guide.

Now’s your opportunity because you – the people who live here - know better than anyone what makes each of the many areas, towns and villages of the Forest of Dean so special.


An updated Guide really can make a difference to what developers propose.

So what’s the opportunity? Read on to find out how, in a matter of minutes, you can contribute your ideas about what makes your area and your place so special. 

Houses in a rural setting

Find out more and get involved


The District Council is committed to giving people who live and work in the Forest of Dean a chance to get involved in the update of the Residential Design Guide.

There will be a range of ways for people who live and work in the district to contribute.

Stage 1 of the process will take place over late spring / early summer of 2022. To begin with there are 3 ways you can be involved.

Fill in a very short (just 2 questions and less than 5 minutes) survey that will be open until the 30th June. You can click here for the survey.


We are also inviting anyone who lives, works or even visits places in the Forest of Dean to contribute photographs as we begin this process and gather insight. Find out more by clicking here.

We'll also be engaging the professionals who use the Residential Design Guidance - for preparing a planning application or assessing one.

houses in the landscape
semi detached houses
terraced houses